Trail Cam Photos from 08/27/05 at 110th Avenue/7th Street, Plainwell
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ALLEGAN County Sightings

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1960sKalamazoo River Bank near the mouth of Bear Creek just north of Dunningville; Observed by Betty B
06/91Allegan County Sheriff Deputy Harry Earle observed a cougar loping across the field from a distance of 60-70 feet near 12th Street and M-89. He returned with hounds but they were unable to track very long due to the heat. According to the Grand Rapids Press, the DNR said they would try to capture the animal if it was sighted again.
2001 Plainwell Airport/Hill Road, Observed by Terry and Carol H.KITTENS
08/01/02T01NR12W21 - Behind barn in field - Animal was shot at
09/02Saugatuck Dunes
09/02Observed by Karen W. of Jenison
04/03Observed by Nancy P. of South Haven
04/23/03E side of US 131 b/w Exit 59 and 61
09/28/031st Street off M-89, Stalking barnyard animalsBLACK
10/24/03Ft Custer
10/31/03108th Avenue and 10th Street, 1 mile from Plainwell crossing 10th Street
03/10/04W of 40th Street just north of Baseline Road
04/19/04Baseline Road and 102nd
07/17/0421st b/w 141st and 142nd W of City of Dorr
07/19/04W of City of Dorr
12/18/04East of M-40 on 104th b/f 30th Street
12/21/042 miles E of Plainwell crossing M-89
03/06/05144th/Patterson Road Woods, Track Photo
03/08/05106th/7th - Gun River
07/05104th Avenue, just north and a little east of Cheshire Hills Golf Course; Observed by Betty B's grandson
08/05Foal owned by Jeff G. attacked/killed; scratch trees in back forest, investigated by DNR
08/05Between Wayland and Middleville
08/27/05Trailcam Photos Seen Above of Cougar Tracking Whitetail Deer, Corner of 110th Avenue and 7th Street, Plainwell; Trailcam owned by Jerry P.
10/26/051/10 mile E of 9th/110th, Gun Plains Township, Eating turkey
Winter, 20051 mile east of Cheshire Golf Course and Merson Corners; Observed by Betty B.
02/01/06Trowbridge Dam, Dog bit, Animal swatted at owner's pant leg
02/03/06W of Prairieview Golf Course, Otsego Township, 1 mile past Otsego High School
02/12/063 miles E of Railroad tracks, Track photos
04/19/06102nd Avenue b/w 24th and 26th
05/06Observed by John and Donna H. of Grand Junction
05/03/06M-179, Tracks
05/17/06Wonderland Drive, N of 127th Avenue, Caught groundhog, Tracks
06/06Saugatuck Lakeshore Campground
06/03/06T03NR13W. Tracks
06/03/06W of 30th. Tracks
06/06/065 Miles E of Plainwell off M-89 and Doster Road
08/24/06B/w 133rd and 135th Annurban b/w railroad track and Division Street, Chasing deer
09/06Bentham, Mile from School
09/26/06Jefferson and 18th
06/23/07South on 64th Street, Fennville, Stalking a small animal
01/03/07Print photo taken by Cliff and Denise Haverdink just north of Hamilton after a cougar bolted in front of their truck and across 52nd Street
07/07Doster Area; Observed by Betty B's neighbor
Unknown102nd, Lee Township
UnknownDoster and M-89, Plainwell
1990sJust North of Clear Lake/Van Buren County, Seen several times by Jim M.
Winter/2006-2007Between Holland and Hamilton - Seen three times by Clifford H.; tracks collected by MWC volunteer
Winter/2006-2007Bentheim Area
July, 20073 Miles North of Airport/Hill Road and about 6 miles West of Doster on 111th, Martin; NE corner of Otsego Township. Cougar observed; screams heard in night; fox found in tree; family dog missing. Prompt DNR response
July, 2007Tracks observed between Holland and Hamilton at Clifford H Farm area in Fillmore Township
08/07Large cougar observed running across M222 near Knoll Gas Speedway heading south into woods
September, 2007Cougar observed in downtown Fennville by the new fire building; observed by cannery employee who shined headlights on cougar and watched while it hid in the bushes at 4:30 a.m.
09/28/07Observed walking down grassy lane near the corner of 119th and 66th, Ganges; Adjacent to land where a cougar was owned privately and escaped approximately 5 years previously
10/09/07Young cougar about 40-50 pounds observed about 3 miles from Airport/Hill Road and 6 miles west of Doster on 111th Avenue, NE corner of Otsego Township
11/02/07Scat collected and sent to DNR from property at the corner of 119th and 66th, Ganges
06/14/08Large animal observed in tree trying to get at baby racoons. 16th Street near B Avenue, Cooper
07/02/08Horse attacked between Wayland and Middleville near Green Lake and Barlow Lake State Recreational Areas of Allegan/Barry County lines. Horse has various contusions, cuts, and claw marks on face/neck. Rear right corner flank, vagina, and bladder areas were completely torn and shredded - had surgery to correct organs. Farmers are also reporting missing pasture calves in the area, also.
08/09/08Cougar cross in front of car at North shore Drive east of Blue Star Hiwhady moving from the south traveling north coming out of the former Harpols Garden Center
09/24/08Don B sees large black cougar run in front of his truck at 50 yards on Allegan Dam Road off M-89, Allegan at 9:20 a.m.BLACK
10/26/08Observed from a back porch just at the outskirts of the Village of Hopkins
11/05/086th and 106th about 3 1/2 miles NE of Plainwell, Spooked Pamela R and her dogs
04/04/10Dave K sees a large black cat cross Rte 31 at the Kalamazoo River Bridge crossing in 3 large, strong strides. Tail was as long as its body.BLACK

Using information compiled by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, it was determined that approximately 50% of anecdotal reports (as listed below), can be classified as probable or verified.
Reports by the public, when carefully screened for reliability, and used in conjunction with other information and evidence, can aid in assessing population status.
Thank you to the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Retired DNR Forester Mike Zuidema, and the media for this valuable research information.