CHEBOYGAN County Sightings

11/77Area of Stoney crrek Flooding, 1.5 miles NW of intersection of M-68 and M-33. Two deer hunters observed cougar at 10' in clear view. It was 4' long with powerful wide body in tan color with some white. 3' long tail turned up at the end and maybe 150 pounds. Tracks were 5' wide in the snow. Been told by two other hunters that they've seen cougars in this area.
1990Observed by Vern K. of Vanderbilt
1990Observed by Scott G of South Lyon
1996Inside Cheboygan State Park
07/01North of Tower at Dave Wiley Ranch. Cougar observed and dragged off a colt
2002North Straits Highway
2002Observed by Warren M. of Cheboygan
12/28/02E of Wolverine 2 miles, S mile on Pipeline
09/28/03 N of Webb Road - 200 yds W of Pigeon River
06/14/03Hellman Road dirt road partPAIR
11/03Observed by R. K. of Trenton
07/04Observed by Bud and Carol E. of Pontiac
08/08/04Pine Grove Campground 8 miles E of Wolverine off Webb RoadBLACK
10/12/04 Enbankment of two-track section of McEachron Road nearest cross road is Old Sturgeon Road/Mceachron Road
11/15/04Vincent Lake Road and McArthur Road
12/04Observed by Isaac Joseph of St. Clair Shores
02/01/05 Subdivision b/f Black River Elementary, off M-33 and Orchard Beach RoadBLACK
05/07Observed cougar as it bolted across the road and leaped the ditch into a swamp on paved road near Cheboygan County/Presque Isle County line. Long tail was very distinctive
07/08/07Large and Small cougar walking near Burt Lake; observed by Doug B's son at 20 yards while fishingPAIR
06/05/08Southern turn-around on Big Sky Trail. Cougar watched crossing two-track into woods while observer on quad
06/06/08Onaway Road. Animal observed crossing the road heading east
10/03/08Observed cougar that stopped, looked back at car, and trotted down the embankment on Black River Road between Twin School Road and Purdy Road in a swampy area
Between 2004-2009Cougar spooked horse/rider Annette R. near Brownstown
Between 2004-2009Brother of Annette R. saw a black cougar while deer huntingBLACK
08/28/10Kelly C observes cougar about 9:30 p.m. - ran in front of her car on the way home from Levering. Almost as tall as the hood of her Pacifica car
UnknownAdam P saw cougar and cub while on a walk in CheboyganCUB

Using information compiled by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, it was determined that approximately 50% of anecdotal reports (as listed below), can be classified as probable or verified.
Reports by the public, when carefully screened for reliability, and used in conjunction with other information and evidence, can aid in assessing population status.
Thank you to the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Retired DNR Forester Mike Zuidema, and the media for this valuable research information.