GLADWIN County Sightings

1996Lindy Lake, Gladwin
11/03 Observed by Larry S. of Eastpointe
11/16/03East Pinecrest
07/25/04Fire lane (main road) near the ORV Trail, Cat followed by a coyote
10/04/04NW corner of Section 23 crossing N of Eagelson Road
11/05Cotey Estey road on Eastman Road (fire trail). Observed large black cat crossing the two trackBLACK
10/31/06Tittawassi River - Dogs chasing the cougar again
10/30/06Tittawassi River near Westbranch - Dogs chasing the cougar
07/27/0861 West between Gladwin and Harrison at 6:00 p.m. when large black cat crossed in front of vheicleBLACK

Using information compiled by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, it was determined that approximately 50% of anecdotal reports (as listed below), can be classified as probable or verified.
Reports by the public, when carefully screened for reliability, and used in conjunction with other information and evidence, can aid in assessing population status.
Thank you to the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Retired DNR Forester Mike Zuidema, and the media for this valuable research information.