VAN BUREN County Sightings

09/08/03100 Yards N of M-43 and 29th Street
2004NW corner of CR 653 and 16th Street, Kendall, Tracks only
03/10/04Hidden Pond Subdivision at Almena & VanKal in Mattawan
04/07/04E of 30th Street on 42nd in pines on two-track road, Scared horses
Summer/04Just northwest of Kendall by Delbert B. of Gobles
01/15/05East side of I-94, Mile Marker 44 close to Berrien/Van Buren line
01/29/052 miles W of M-40/92nd Avenue
03/06/05I-94, 68 mile marker to/W Amtrak and 4th Street overpass
05/27/0559th Street, N of 59th/384
05/30/05W of Mattawan on CR 657, way to Paw Paw, Stalking housecat in bedroom window, Flowerbox ripped from house and screen shredded from a swipe across it, Photos of torn screen/saved screen
06/08/05CR 653/6th, Pine Grove Township, 2 miles N of Kendall and mile S of Clear Lake
06/28/05CR 653/6th, Pine Grove Township
07/14/0538th Avenue
08/22/05S of Gobles b/w 20th/24th on M-40
09/11/05Lawton Observed by Karen W.
10/05M-43 and CR 687 Observed by William C. of Bangor
10/08/05 mile N of Mattawan City, way b/w I-94 and Red Arrow, Track Photos
02/07/0666th, Hartford - Observed by Kathy H. of Hartford
02/15/06Southard Lake, Deer Carcass/tracks only
03/05/06Lawton Observed by Mike P.
05/20/06Between Jeptha Lake and 24 AvenuePAIR
05/21/06Sounds, Scat Only
05/30/06CR 390, Gobles - Observed by Jim A. and Denise M. - Tracks Only
06/30/06Story Lake
06/06CR 388 and 36th Street west of Gobles Observed by Grant and Becky V. of Gobles
Summer, 2006Chuck observes large black cougar cross Kal-Haven Trail at the bridge one mile east of Grand Junction at 1:00 a.m.BLACK
09/12/06 T04SR16W
09/14/06I Street, Gobles Observed by Terry S. of Gobles
09/14/06Crossing 32nd Street near Kal-Haven Trail headed west between a field and tree row, Gobles; Observed by David D.
09/18/0660th Street b/w 71st and 68th, Hartford Township
Winter, 2007Ronald W and his wife saw cougar at dusk entering residential area near Phelps Street, outside of Decatur, just inside Hamilton Township
03/04/07Kal Haven Trail between Gobles and Kendall near a large metal barn; Observed digging in the snow by Rege R. and two other snowmobilers
06/09/07By CR 687 and M-43 - walked through the Shine's barn
06/14/07Between Bangor and South Haven on 64th
06/14/07Almena Township, Mattawan; Observed drinking from pond; photo taken with cell phone
07/01/07Cougar chasing deer at 15300 CR 653, Gobles; Observed by Maria U.
07/12/07Chuck observes cougar at 12:30 a.m. near Locata on the Kal-Haven Trail about 1/2 mile west of Lacota directly north of Gingerman Raceway
09/07Horse attacked on 6th Avenue, Gobles; Razor sharp injuries consistent with cougar attack and cougar tracks found within 150' of attack site
12/09/07Highway 196 at mile marker 12 North of Hagar Shores and west of Covert - observed at 7:00 p.m. crossing the highway from east to west
12/10/07Large tracks found near M-40 South of Gobles and Covey Hill Church Road
12/07Cougar crossed in front of vehicle just to north of Kendall
04/08Observed large cougar in field next to house
04/25/08M-40 Highway just north of Gobles to 6th Avenue. 7:25 a.m. Observed in cut alfalfa field. Observed in binoculars until phone rang and cougar spooked into treeline
04-05/08Prints found near dumpster, Van Buren Youth Fairgrounds, Hartford
05/08Heritage Glen Golf Course, Almena Township, CR 653. Observed several times prowling golf course in May. Observed by several employees, grounds keeper, home owners
05/22-23/08Observed at 32nd and 10th in a corn field
06/29/08Observed 100 yards from road near 26th Street, Kendall. Cougar stopped and looked at the three observers and then walked into the woods
07/08Hartford. Woman reports hearing cries in the night and seeing mother and two cubsCUBS
09/14/08J. Street, Gobles, within yards of Kal-Haven Trail. Pair of almost adult size, healthy cougars observed by Jewel P.PAIR
09/24/08Saw two cougar kittens on logging trailKITTENS
10/20/08Cougar observed running through a yard at the corner of 32nd and 10th Avenues, Gobles
07/06/08Jeff G. observes three cougars at 30'. They ran through the woods and the last one growled at him. He took castings of the tracks.3 CATS TOTAL
12/13/08Brandywine Lake, Gobles. Cougar observed walking when dog started barking and refused to go outside for normal walk. Tracks later videotaped at the neighborsCUBS
03/05/09Pair observed at the corner of M-43 and 52nd Avenue, Bangor areaPAIR
06/26/09Horses attacked in Gobles on 32nd Street. Click here for full report and photos.PAIR
Summer, 2009Nick F sees a cougar on 24th Avenue in Bloomingdale at 10:00 p.m. crossing the road at 20' in front of him.
11/09/09Robbi D observes cougar along side road on M-43 just east of Lonestar Bar near Bangor. Observed animal that stared at her and then walked off from road area. Medium dog size, dark face, skinny, long tail
01/22/10Dana W believes she saw cougar standing on the side of the road at 7:00 p.m. on M-43 before Bangor near area with apple trees
UnknownPaw Paw Lake
UnknownShamrock Hills Golf Course, Gobles

Using information compiled by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, it was determined that approximately 50% of anecdotal reports (as listed below), can be classified as probable or verified.
Reports by the public, when carefully screened for reliability, and used in conjunction with other information and evidence, can aid in assessing population status.
Thank you to the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Retired DNR Forester Mike Zuidema, and the media for this valuable research information.